Project Description

排排坐放大愛!請來老中青三代電影導演 – 關錦鵬、麥婉欣、李駿碩,分享不同年代製作LGBT議題電影的寶貴經驗和視點,同場放映三位導演三部同志電影的精華片段,邊看邊說,包括《男生女相》、《蝴蝶》、《翠絲》。

Camera! Action! We have invited 3 award-winning directors, Stanley Kwan, Yan Yan Mak and Jun Li, all renowned for producing LGBT-themed movies in HK, to share their invaluable experiences and thoughts on the history and future of LGBT+ cinema. Excerpts from their game-changing films, 《Yang ± Yin》, 《Butterfly》 and 《Tracey》, will be screened as well.

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